Like most Builders and General Contractors, Clear Creek Home Improvements only provides a turnkey proposal. Our software, estimating methods, and pricing are all proprietary and unavailable to the public and our competition. Because we truly want to help our clients achieve their vision on budget we’ve listed the areas where every project can be compared and budgets can be impacted.

Comparing bids

Everyone likes to compare bids including us. The comparison is in the actual work to be performed and the total cost not what each vendor pays for materials or pays their help. Focus on the scope of work to determine if you are seeing apples and oranges.


If a project is over budget the size may be the issue. Make is smaller.


Shop wisely for the finishes such as tile, plumbing and electrical fixtures.

Shopping sheet – a sheet listing each item in a project that our client must shop for personally comes with a budget. These are items that can greatly impact the overall cost of the project as well as being a place to save.

Specialty items – similar to finishes, items such as safe rooms, faux beams, faux painting and steam showers cost thousands and look great. Those may need to go till a later time

FAQ regarding client involvement

Clear Creek Home Improvements limits client involvement in regards to supplying materials and labor. Unless we have a client that works for a lumber company, chances are we get it cheaper. Beware of close out deals as those materials were passed over for a reason. Sub-par quality is something we don’t do.

Client labor – We have a certain way we like to do things (including demo) that don’t work well when our professionals aren’t the ones doing them so we don’t typically allow clients to get involved. Case-by-case if a client is a pro by occupation.