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Our Story of Craftsmanship and Integrity

Our story weaves through every home we touch, crafting spaces with integrity, care, and a touch of Colorado's enduring spirit.

We are Kevin and Kelly Gwyn

Our journey together began when we connected on E-Harmony in November 2002, leading to our marriage in June of the following year. With shared dreams and a vision for the future, we embarked on this adventure not long after saying “I do.” Kevin bid farewell to his business in Amarillo, Texas, and we set down roots in Fort Worth, launching Clear Creek Home Improvements.

The inspiration for our company’s name is as heartfelt as our services. It harks back to the serene Clear Creek in Colorado, a place that harbors fond childhood memories for Kevin, filled with the joy of fishing trips with his grandfather. More than a nod to nostalgia, it symbolizes the clear, transparent values we live by.

Our faith is the cornerstone of Clear Creek Home Improvements. As believers and followers of Jesus, we commit every day to embody the principles of our faith. It’s this commitment that compels us to uphold honesty and integrity, not just as ideals, but as the very essence of how we conduct our business. With every project we undertake, we’re not just building homes – we’re building trust, ensuring that every interaction with our clients is as sincere and steadfast as our workmanship.

Our enthusiasm for home improvement is simple: we love the work. At Clear Creek, we thrive on bringing visions to life — there’s nothing more gratifying than the look of joy on our clients’ faces upon revealing a completed project. We’re energized by challenges, by those “it can’t be done” moments — and then delighting our clients by doing just that. Replacement windows, for instance, are among our favorite projects; they’re like clear eyes for your home, offering both beauty and efficiency.

Your Partners in Renovation

When you choose Clear Creek, you’ll work directly with Kevin. He’ll be the one to meet with you, understand your vision, and meticulously prepare your bid. It’s a point of pride for us that the professionals who come to your home are trusted individuals — craftsmen we would welcome into our own home without hesitation. We’ve built lasting relationships with our teams and trust them implicitly to deliver the Clear Creek standard.

Our Commitment to You

What do we stand for? The answer lies in three fundamental principles: Honesty, Integrity, and Quality. At Clear Creek, we bid competitively, but our focus is on value. Our guiding philosophy is your happiness and satisfaction, fostering a relationship so positive that you’ll feel confident in referring us to others. This philosophy has served us well, with many clients returning to us for new projects and recommending us to their friends. Your trust is our business’s foundation, and we’re dedicated to nurturing it with every job we undertake.

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