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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Do Itemized Bids?

We are committed to transparency and clarity in all our dealings with clients. However, we do not offer itemized bids for our projects. Our approach is centered on providing fixed-price contracts. This method ensures that our clients have a clear understanding of the total cost upfront, without the need to separate labor and materials. We believe this approach simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on the vision and outcome of your project without the complexities of managing and interpreting itemized costs. Our fixed-price contracts are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that the agreed-upon price reflects the full scope of your project with no hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

Are Budget-Friendly Renovations Possible?

We’re committed to delivering high quality work within your financial comfort zone. We’ll collaborate closely to identify cost-effective solutions that align with your budget.

Expertise in Eco-Friendly Upgrades?

Absolutely! Clear Creek is well-versed in integrating sustainable and energy-efficient features into our projects. Our high-performance windows and doors, for instance, are designed to enhance your home’s insulation, cutting down on energy usage for heating and cooling.

How Can I Request An Estimate?

To obtain a complimentary estimate, simply visit our Contact Page or give us a call at (817) 683-4319. We’re here to help you get started on your project with clear, concise pricing.

What Is Our Service Area?

Our services extend throughout the greater Fort Worth Area, encompassing not just Fort Worth but also Tarrant, Denton, Wise, Parker, and Johnson Counties. Clear Creek Home Improvement is your local expert across these communities.

Post-Project Cleanup Process?

We prioritize cleanliness and convenience — our contractors diligently clear debris and tidy the workspace daily, ensuring minimal disruption. After project completion, we conduct a thorough cleanup for a swift and seamless return to your refreshed space.

Energy-Efficiency Remodeling Options?

Indeed, we offer numerous energy-saving upgrades, such as installing double or triple-pane windows, which are designed to significantly enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

Handling Project Surprises?

Transparency is key for us. Should unforeseen issues arise during your remodel, we communicate promptly and work diligently to address changes efficiently, always maintaining our standard of quality without overburdening your budget.

Contractor Credentials and Safety?

Absolutely, all our contractors at Clear Creek Home Improvements carry the necessary licenses and insurance, ensuring full protection and peace of mind for our clients and our team.

Understanding Change Orders

A change order is an official request for alterations to the initial project plan, confirmed through a written agreement by the homeowner. Should a change incur extra costs, payment is settled before the adjustments commence. These orders detail all expenses, including a markup for profit and overhead, safeguarding both client interests and contractor operations. While we aim to minimize changes, they are sometimes essential to ensure the project meets your evolving needs.

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